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I recently made a list of gifts for book lovers, so thought I’d make one for writers, too! All gifts are from Etsy.

Lined paper ceramic necklace by MangoTreeCeramics

Crossed pencils scout badge by TheScoutProject

Sylvia Plath quote journal by BookishlyUK

Personalised pen nib necklace by KriyaDesign

Writer’s motivation pencils by thecarboncrusader

Just Write button badge by PookaCreations


Anonymous asked:

I'm sorry, then. Still, knowledge, even knowledge you don't like, can be useful to have, if nothing else than to prove that you have knowledge. The truly ignorant seldom understand valuable knowledge from those who lack the knowledge of the ignorant. Again, though, I am sorry. :(

Nothing to be sorry about! I didn’t mean to come off that way. The internet is just a disappointing place sometimes. :)


Anonymous asked:

That anon is making a sex joke. "D" being the first letter of "dick." "Give her the D" being a euphemism for "have sex with her;" anon sent you a D, giving you "the D."

I could have gone my whole life without knowing that…


Anonymous asked:

Has anyone ever called you fat?

Only my mom (who is Asian) and other Asians. If you’re Asian you understand, otherwise that sounded terribly racist, but trust me it’s not.

I’m 4’11 and barely weigh 100 pounds, so I’ll let you but two and two together.

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